The Sound of Business Journalism

Jill MartinKaci Richter


Audio programs such as Planet Money (National Public Radio), Marketplace (American Public Media) and others have carved out niches among audiences across the United States and world. This chapter explores the strengths of audio as a medium for delivering business and economic content. It details how audio programs succeed and distinguish themselves in the business journalism sector in areas, including financial strategy, audience growth and listenership trends. The research includes historical perspectives and critical issues regarding podcasts, radio, audience and audio content trends, and how the pandemic has affected audio-based business journalism and podcasting. Insufficient research exists on how the pandemic has affected audio-based business journalism. The authors seek to fill this gap by examining trends and financial connections, including how the rise in podcast listenership has enabled outlets to diversify their content and allowed the audience to access audio programs on-demand to meet their busy lifestyles.

The Sound of Business Journalism: How the Field Thrives on Audio Platforms

In: The Routledge Companion to Business Journalism