“Bones are life!” true-crime podcasting, self-promotion and the vernaculars of Instagram with Cult Liter

Social media engagement is becoming a significant part of true-crime fandom, providing spaces for true-crime fans to share their knowledge and obsessions. This article explores the storytelling techniques of the Cult Liter podcast and how the listeners engage with these stories on the associated Instagram account. Rather than engaging with the implications of violent crime, fans of Cult Liter on Instagram instead engage in self-promotion, like seeking behavior and in-group validation

“I just couldn’t cope with it, you know? I just couldn’t believe that she was gone”: The Portrayal of Co-victims’ Grief in True Crime Podcasts about Missing (but Presumed Killed) Women

True crime, a subset of crime-focused media that turns real cases into entertainment for the public’s consumption, regularly features co-victims within their narratives. To our knowledge, no studies have examined how co-victims (i.e., family members and friends of the victims and/or perpetrators) of intimate partner violence are portrayed