Hooked on audio! Unveiling the secrets of podcast stickiness through social identity and uses and gratification theories

The study examined factors contributing to audience loyalty to podcasts, integrating social identity theory and uses and gratification theory. Results revealed that most creator characteristics and both entertaining and narrative nature of podcast content significantly influence audience loyalty. However, multitasking aspect of podcasts did not considerably affect audience stickiness. The findings offer insights into increasing audience loyalty in digital audio media.

The relationship between environmental context and attentional engagement in podcast listening experiences

A study of 264 podcast listeners shows that environmental context affects a listener’s engagement with podcasts. Five contextual elements were identified: outdoors, indoors & at home, evenings, soundscape & at work, and exercise. Particularly, some listeners use podcasts to mask distracting sounds around them. This finding offers valuable insights for podcasters and researchers about object-based and personalized media.