Analysing podcast intimacy: Four parameters

Freja Sørine Adler Berg


This article presents a case study study of a proposed analytical framework for dissecting and analysing intimacy in podcasts. The podcast medium is increasingly perceived as inherently intimate, but this discourse is still unprecise and has never been clearly outlined. It is furthermore essential to better define podcast intimacy because of its effective and widespread impact on podcasters and listeners. Over time, a self-reinforcing discourse and self-fulfilling prophecy of intimacy has built up around podcasts. Based on podcast literature (Berry, 2016; Euritt, 2023; Lindgren, 2021; Meserko, 2014; Spinelli and Dann, 2019; Swiatek, 2018) and podcast intimacy’s roots in, respectively, Web 2.0 and radio, four parameters for analysing podcast intimacy are outlined: Intimacy in listening, intimacy in what is said, intimacy in how it is said and intimacy in cross-media interactions – most significantly via social media. Each parameter contains several subcategories and questions for analysis which are collected in a schema. The schema is a tool for media researchers and students to identify how and why a podcast creates intimacy. It is also valuable for increasing the awareness of how podcasts work and impact the world. And it finally offers opportunities for podcast producers and publishers to learn more about how their podcast create intimacy and how they can attract listeners and followers through the creation of intimacy.

Adler Berg, F. S. (2023). Analysing podcast intimacy: Four parameters. Convergence, 0(0).