Podcasting and constructive journalism in health stories about antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

Podcasting’s documented capacity for listener engagement makes it a pertinent medium to study another global public health threat – superbugs – through the lens of constructive journalism. Both constructive journalism and podcasting feature lived experiences of sources, in constructive journalism focused on empowering audiences to act.

The relationship between environmental context and attentional engagement in podcast listening experiences

A study of 264 podcast listeners shows that environmental context affects a listener’s engagement with podcasts. Five contextual elements were identified: outdoors, indoors & at home, evenings, soundscape & at work, and exercise. Particularly, some listeners use podcasts to mask distracting sounds around them. This finding offers valuable insights for podcasters and researchers about object-based and personalized media.

Independent podcast networks in Spain: A grassroots cultural production facing cultural industry practices

This article analyses the main Spanish independent podcast networks. It is a two-phase qualitative study based on direct observation of the networks, a number of secondary sources and, especially, on semi-structured in-depth interviews with the coordinators or managers of these networks. From the political economy of cultural industries, the main objectives are to determine the motivation, perspective, and dynamics of these networks, as well as to explore their financial model. As podcasting implies cultural practices and meanings, we want to analyse whether independent podcast networks are basically a grassroots cultural production that maintain their amateur philosophy, or whether, in contrast, they are evolving towards an institutionalization that moves them closer to cultural industries and their practices, and the study of Spanish independent podcast networks is a useful starting point for putting mainstream and historical definitions to the test. This study sets forth how the progressive formalisation of podcast networks has generated tensions in the grassroots-industrialization balance. Spanish independent podcasters are pro-ams entering the production process of an industry in which other industrialized actors have already been established.

“I just couldn’t cope with it, you know? I just couldn’t believe that she was gone”: The Portrayal of Co-victims’ Grief in True Crime Podcasts about Missing (but Presumed Killed) Women

True crime, a subset of crime-focused media that turns real cases into entertainment for the public’s consumption, regularly features co-victims within their narratives. To our knowledge, no studies have examined how co-victims (i.e., family members and friends of the victims and/or perpetrators) of intimate partner violence are portrayed