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‘Listening closely’ to mediated intimacies and podcast intimacies in Song Exploder

Kyra Clarke & Collin Bjork, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand


Intimacy is an important and growing concept in both media studies and podcast studies. But research regarding intimacies in both disciplines has yet to fully account for the connection between sound and normativity, which is essential to podcasting and important to mediated intimacies more broadly. In this article, we mobilise scholarship from these two fields to analyse the award-winning music podcast Song Exploder. Our study highlights that attending to intimacies in podcasting involves both analysing how the story structure aligns with social norms and listening critically to the ways the sound design and audio editing complements and complicates these intimate stories. We contend that identifying the intersection of sound and normativity in this podcast contributes to understanding the cultural work of podcasting and underscores the key role of sound in mediated intimacies.

Open Access

Clarke, K., & Bjork, C. (2023). ‘Listening closely’ to mediated intimacies and podcast intimacies in Song Exploder. Convergence, 0(0).