We’d like to share this update from the awesome Amplify Network:


We are the AMPLIFY PODCAST NETWORK and we are reimagining the sound of scholarship. 

Our network manifesto is a collaboratively voiced soundwork articulating the core values of the Amplify Podcast Network: we believe that scholarly podcasts create new knowledge, out loud and in conversation, by embracing experimentation, making space for different voices, and building new communities through collaboration and openness.

Co-authored by co-directors Stacey Copeland and Hannah McGregor and sound-designed by Copeland, the manifesto aims to capture the spirit of the network: playful, experimental, and multi-voiced. This work is inspired by and draws audio from our Amplified audio blog series featuring project collaborators and a wider range of podcasters and open access advocates. The visual designer behind the print manifesto is Lauren Jeanneau. Their work creatively remediates the manifesto in print form, expanding the potential reach and accessibility of the manifesto while working to continually ground it in the affordances of sound.

View the plain text PDF Transcript Here: Amplify Manifesto Transcript

Additional Notes:

  • Audio quotes featured are drawn from the Amplified audio blog series.
  • Overlapping voicework for the Manifesto by the Amplify team.
  • Written and Produced by Stacey Copeland and Hannah McGregor. Sound Design by Stacey Copeland.
  • Music: Brek PKL – Limoncello. Blue Dot Sessions / Lakkalia – Banana Cream. Blue Dot Sessions.