The Citational Practices of Science Fiction Fan Podcasts

Amber Sewell


Podcasts are important sites of knowledge sharing and co-creation. As opportunities to discuss niche interests, podcasts are where individuals come together to discuss the things they love, and for fans, podcasts are often opportunities to critically engage with their franchise or work with others in the fandom. The conversational nature of podcasting means each party can bring forth new ideas and perspectives that shape how we engage with the work and fandom that’s grown around it. This paper shares the results of an exploratory study of the citational practices of science fiction fan podcasts. Initially intending to analyze transcripts of science fiction fan podcasts, barriers explored in the paper caused a pivot to analyzing show notes of podcasts, instead.

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Sewell, Amber (2023) “The Citational Practices of Science Fiction Fan Podcasts,” Proceedings from the Document Academy: Vol. 10 : Iss. 1 , Article 4.
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