Power of Podcasting

Telling Stories Through Sound

Siobhán McHugh 

Columbia University Press

Podcasts have become an essential part of popular culture for millions of listeners. They provide a new way to absorb information that once might have been read in newspapers, books, or magazines or heard over the radio. Podcasting is hailed for its intimacy and authenticity in an age of mistrust and disinformation. But while it is relatively easy to make a podcast, it is much harder to make a great one.

In The Power of Podcasting, award-winning podcast producer and leading international audio scholar Siobhán McHugh dissects what makes a good podcast and outlines how you can create one yourself. She blends practical insights into and critical analysis of the art of audio storytelling. Packed with case studies, history, tips, and techniques from McHugh’s decades of experience, this book brings together a wealth of knowledge to introduce readers to the possibilities of the world of sound.

If you’ve ever said you want to start a podcast, this is the book you need to understand the craft, the history, and the power of creating meaningful stories through sound