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IAMCR – Podcast Roundtable

Seeking Expressions of Interest by March 15th 2024

We’re delighted to announce a PODCAST STUDIES ROUNDTABLE to be held at Griffith University, Brisbane on 25 June 2024 – a pre-conference to IAMCR24 (starts 30 June) in Aotearoa New Zealand. The Roundtable is a bridging event between two major international conferences held in Oceania this year: ICA 2024 (20 – 24 June, Gold Coast, Australia) and IAMCR24 (30 June – 4 July, Christchurch, Aotearoa New Zealand).

This one-day event is a rare chance for international podcast researchers and practitioner-academics (pracademics) to share ideas, develop collaborations, float projects, showcase research and commune.

Please send Expressions of Interest by 15 MARCH


Now two decades old, podcasting is an exuberant medium where new voices can literally be found every day. As a powerful communications tool that is largely unregulated and unusually accessible, it warrants deep scholarly scrutiny. Increasing platformisation by companies like Spotify and Audible requires urgent critical analysis, to assess their impact on diversity, creativity and alternative voices. The mainstreaming of the medium is also changing business models. Podcast studies are burgeoning across a range of fields from media and communications to criminology and gender studies. But the voices and sounds of the Global South are largely missing from this discourse.

This Roundtable aims to provoke arguments and debate on such absences and to foment research that will reframe our thinking on the potential and power structures of podcasting today.  As the close parasocial relationship of podcast hosts and listeners shows, podcasting is remarkably good at ‘weaving people together’, the theme of this IAMCR event. The Roundtable builds on the first-ever podcast studies pre-conference held at ICA Toronto 2023 and is sponsored by the Working Group MARS (Music, Audio, Radio and Sound), the Australian and Aotearoa New Zealand Communication Association (ANZCA), the University of Tasmania and Macquarie University, Australia.



Associate Prof (Hon) Siobhan McHugh, Macquarie University, Sydney
Prof Mia Lindgren, University of Tasmania

Lea Redfern, lecturer, University of Sydney,
Dylan Bird, PhD candidate, University of Tasmania

Please send Expressions of Interest by 15 MARCH