Photot taken in Turkey

Defining the podcast ecosystem in Turkey and Serbia through listener habits

Melida Mustafić & Fırat Tufa

The topic of podcasting has been analyzed from different perspectives in academic studies, mainly in developed countries such as the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and some European countries. However, this is different for developing countries such as Serbia and Turkey. The reason for including these countries in this study is the limited number of academic studies on podcasting in countries like Serbia and Turkey. This study uses a quantitative approach and surveys Serbian and Turkish podcast listeners to examine their tendencies toward the podcast ecosystem. According to the data collected from 923 podcast listeners, podcasting in Serbia continues to be part of the visual culture on digital platforms, while in Turkey, podcast environments have been adopted by listeners. In addition, podcasts in Serbia are much longer than those in Turkey. However, Serbian listeners are more demographically diverse than Turkish listeners, and podcasting has been found to reach a wider audience in Serbia.

Mustafić, M. & F. Tufan: Defining the podcast ecosystem in Turkey and Serbia through listener… Komunikacija i kultura online, Godina XIV, broj 14, 2023.