Education Through Podcasting 2024 Conference

The Education through Podcasting (EPOD) 2024 Conference will take place on June 19-20, 2024 in London. It will offer a platform for academics, researchers, and practitioners to discuss the use of podcasts in teaching, learning, and training. The event will cover various topics, from audio developments to intellectual property in educational podcasting. Abstract submissions are due by February 2, 2024.

Calling for ‘Podo-gogy’: why podcasting needs to be a part of journalism education in India

Sneha Gore Mehendale’s research argues for the inclusion of podcasting in Indian journalism curricula. Through 24 interviews with podcasting journalists and educators, she identified a gap in training, despite the growing prominence of news podcasting in India. The study emphasizes that incorporating podcasting into academic programs will enhance the profession’s relevancy and align with the evolving norms of journalism.

Defining the podcast ecosystem in Turkey and Serbia through listener habits

The academic study analyses podcasting behaviours in developing countries like Serbia and Turkey, focusing on audience tendencies and demographics. Findings from a survey of 923 podcast listeners showed that while podcasts are part of Serbian visual culture, Turkish listeners have fully adopted the format. Serbian audiences are more demographically diverse, indicating a wider audience reach.

How radio influences indigenous language podcasts in South Africa: A case study of Epokothweni and iLukuluku

The rise of indigenous language podcasts, like Epokothweni and iLukuluku, is changing the media game for black South Africans. These platforms tap into the country’s rich radio history, allowing historically marginalized communities to share stories and engage with socio-economic and scientific topics in a sector typically dominated by English-language media.

Producing podcasts in the UAE: Exploring storytelling structures

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the podcast community thrives with stories ranging from tech, culture and music to Middle East affairs, hosted by a diverse group of expatriates and local Emiratis. This study investigates the burgeoning podcast landscape in UAE, examining content creators’ motivations, challenges and opportunities in this emerging media space.

Ja’miezing’s Podcast Persona: Intertextual and Intercommunicative

The article analyzes the online persona of Australian comedy podcast, Ja’miezing by Chris Lilley, examining its unique features and practices. This study aims to understand the complex interaction between the podcast’s intertextual and intercommunicative aspects, including producers, hosts, characters, platforms, and audience. It underlines the need for further research into podcast personas as distinctive form of non-human online persona.