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Balancing Intimacy and Trust: Opportunities and Risks in Audio JournalismEdited by Mia Lindgren

Deadline for Abstracts: 1-15 March 2024 Deadline for Articles: 15-31 July 2024Media and Communication, peer-reviewed journal indexed in the Web of Science (Impact Factor: 3.1) and Scopus (CiteScore: 5), welcomes article proposals for its upcoming issue “Balancing Intimacy and Trust: Opportunities and Risks in Audio Journalism,” edited by Mia Lindgren (University of Tasmania). 

Podcasting is now firmly established as a significant genre in journalism, driving both consumption and revenue of online publishers. Whereas radio news was previously published by established broadcasters, audio journalism is now produced and distributed as podcasts by a range of professional and amateur media actors. The growth of podcast consumption has also put the searchlight on the benefits and pitfalls of journalism’s audio forms.

This thematic issue takes a broad approach to inquiry into changing forms of audio journalism, driven by the popularity of podcasting. Neither radio nor podcasting should be seen as “static objects of analysis” (Lindgren & Loviglio, 2022), as both continue to change and shape each other, influenced by digital disruptions and technological innovations.
Authors interested in submitting a paper for this issue are encouraged to read the full call for papers here

Abstracts welcome by 1-15 March 2024.